vctr’s digital nomad journey into UGC Curation & Blogging (again)

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Websites & Resources: vctr.covictor’s portfolio/work
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Can you tell us about your journey into content creation?

I’ve been in the blogging and domain-flipping game for quite a while now. Over the years, I’ve dipped my toes into numerous projects and explored various niches. However, after guest posting for this post on ‘‘ titled Sin Hiap Hin Bar – A Century Old Bar With Unique Flavours, I felt a renewed passion for sharing and exploring. This experience reminded me of how much I love delving into new topics, learning about unique cultures and experiences, and sharing those discoveries with the world. This love for sharing and exploration is what drove me to restart my blogging journey once more.

How did you get started with your first blog or piece of user-generated content?

I began my journey into making money online by working with User-Generated Content (UGC) before it became a trend in recent years. My work involved creating and curating UGC memes, which I would then repost. This strategy helped grow the accounts, which I eventually flipped for profit. You can learn more about my experiences in an interview I gave about four years ago, available at ‘‘ under the post ‘How to Make Money on Twitter’.

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