Blogging Basics: How Victoria Started Her Monthsary Blog & Her Pivot into UGC

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Blogging Basics: How Victoria Started Her Monthsary Blog & Her Pivot into UGC

Victoria’s websites: – Monthsary ideas, gifts & date ideas – today’s date idea, find date ideas based on dates – plan your date based on the monthly meanings

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This podcast talks about Victoria, a content creator who started a blog about ‘monthsaries‘, monthly relationship anniversaries. She was inspired by her own relationship experiences and the desire to create a space for celebrating these small but significant milestones. Initially, visibility was a challenge, but she has since cultivated an engaged audience through consistent and creative content. Interactions with her readers significantly influence her content creation. One of her most memorable moments was receiving feedback from a reader whose relationship was revitalized through her blog, on how to craft the perfect message ( Victoria sees negative feedback as an opportunity for growth and aims to continuously improve her content. She looks forward to exploring more relationship topics, collaborating with other bloggers, and potentially launching a digital product or service about ‘monthsaries’ in the future.

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